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After leaving practice, collegiate football players Seth and Charlie are grabbing a pizza and planning for a relaxed weekend when everything in their lives takes a sudden turn. Accidently offending some local thugs out front of the pizza parlor, the two athletes drop the pizzas and begin running for their lives with the thugs in close pursuit. Rounding corners and jumping walls Seth and Charlie begin to depend more and more on each other as the chase continues. Finally, after ducking through a hidden basement hatch, the adrenaline of the moment reveals that their dependence on each other extends far beyond the field and the chase. Over the next several days, Seth begins to struggle as he fights to come to grips with his sexuality and the intensifying feelings he now experiences for his lifelong friend. Eventually, risking the friendship, Seth caters to a love that can’t be ignored only to find out that the feelings were mutual.

Directed by
Branden Blinn

Written by
Branden Blinn & Taylor McPartland

Produced by
Greg Phelan, Jason Durdon, Branden Blinn

Executive Produced by
Tim Williams, Jack Eiman, Roderick Kiracofe

Director of Photography
Jonathan Cohon

Edited by

Austin Anderson

Adam Kalesperis

Gregg Rogen

Carlos Salas as Thug 1 James J. Mercado as Slim Kobe Reverditto as Thug #2 Kevin Deen as Thug #3 Brian Alvarenga as Thug #4 Adam LaFramboise as Jock #1 Christopher Roessner as Jock #2 Mike Ball as Jock #3 Ezra Kemp as Jock #4 Julia Koehler as Woman #1 Zuzana Humplova as Woman #2 CREW: 1st A.D. – Jason Durdon 1st A.C. – David Glazer Script Supervisor Taylor McPartland Steadicam – Ezra Kemp Swing – Chris Newell Key Grip – Larry Malloy Gaffer – Jorge L. Almeida Sound Mixer – JP Robelot Boom Operator – Will Rinne Script Supervisor – Taylor McPartland Production Designer – Brian Erzen Wardrobe – Jennifer Balzer Hair & Make Up – Thom Cammer Asst Hair & Make Up – Ayla Dew Craft Services/P.A. – Ashley Beveridge Set Photography – Elisabeth Smith Casting – Greg Phelan Co-Producer – Ezra Kemp Production Managers – Greg Phelan and Jason Durdon PA – James Duval PA – Vanessa Barzola